Artistes / Guests FAQ

Do You Issue Refunds?

Yes we do, read more on our refunds policy here (

I Can't Find The Beats I Just Purchased On AmplifiHub

Check your "My Purchases (" page or email (

Can I Own Copyright In A Leased Beat?

No, you do and cannot own Copyright in a leased beat, the beat producer maintains full ownership of the copyright in the beat while giving the user a non-exclusive license to use the beat, typically for a set period of time (years) and/or a set number of exploitation (sales and streams).

Will I Pay Royalties On All The Licenses?

Yes, You will pay royalties on all licenses.

Can I Resell The Beat I Purchased?

No you cannot resell a beat purchased.

How Can I Buy Products On AmplifiHub?

It’s simple! You can pay with PayPal or with a credit card online on our website.

What Can I Use The Beats For?

The majority of licenses on AmplifiHub are for recording licenses. This means you are most likely licensing the beats to record a new song and/or make a music video. While this is the case for most licenses, some licenses may include using the beat for other uses to include cases, like TV or motion picture. If you are looking at licenses for synchronization or gaming, please contact us directly.

How Does The Download Process On AmplifiHub Work?

It’s easy.... Just place your order with your credit card. You will receive an order confirmation from the website with instructions on how to download your product. Just click on the download link, save the file to your Mobile/ PC desktop and enter your activation codes (if any). You will receive the application download with your required product.

What Currencies Are Accepted On AmplifiHub?

The website accepts to be paid in Naira, US Dollars, English Sterling Pounds and Euros.