Overview Of The AmplifiHub Website

New To AmplifiHub?

Get Used To Navigating The WebApp

The Main Menu

Homepage = landing page
Free Beats = page to download free beats
Buy Beats = page to buy beats
Sell Beats = landing page for music producers
Mix and Master = mixing and mastering listing page
Purchase Samples = landing page / sales page for samples
Music Distribution = landing page for music distribution
Login = login page 
Sign Up = Sign up page

Other useful pages on the front end.

Personal Beat Store for every user = https://amplifihub.com/mystore/Dj-klem

Beat Waveform Visualisation page = https://amplifihub.com/beat-hub-detail/562

Mixer Hire page = https://amplifihub.com/mixer/2

Dashboard = (page to get an overview of your account)

Top navigation 

Subscribe button = (page to subscribe to a plan)

Dashboard home icon

Message icon = (page to see all messages received)

User icon = drop down to see user profile to edit and iFrame link + Referral link.

Side Bar

Sell beats folder = Upload Beats (page to upload beats for sale)
Sell beats folder = My Beats (page to view and manage all uploaded beats)
Sell beats folder = Promote Beats (page to promote beats)
Sell beats folder = Sales ( place to see producer beat sales made on AmplifiHub)
Sell beats folder = Contact Customers (page to contact customers who downloaded your free beats)
Sell beats folder = Purchase Samples (page to purchase samples)

Distribute Music folder = Upload Track ( page to upload music for distribution) 
Distribute Music folder = My Tracks ( page to view and manage all uploaded tracks)

Buy Beats = (page to buy beats) 
Download Free Beats = (page to download free beats) 

Mixing and Mastering folder = Add Preview Samples (page to setup mixing and mastering profile)
Mixing and Mastering folder = Seller Section (page to for mixers to sell their mixing services)
Mixing and Mastering folder = Buyer Section (page to manage hired mixers as a buyer)

Work For Hire folder = Seller Section (page for producers to manage their work for hire orders)
Work For Hire folder = Buyer Section (page for buyers to manage hired producers)

View Sound Engineers = (page to hire mixers) 

Manage payout folder = Add Bank Account (page to add bank details)
Manage payout folder = Withdraw (page to withdraw earnings)

Subscription folder = View Membership (page to view subscription status)
Subscription folder = Subscribe (page to subscribe to a plan)

Cart = (checkout page)

Purchases = (page to see download links to purchased beats and Samples) 

Purchases Paperwork = (page to see invoice and contract download links for all purchases)