How To Buy Beats On AmplifiHub

Buying beats on AmplifiHub is pretty straightforward.


  • Sign Up for free
  • Visit the "Buy Beats" page
  • Listen to the beats we got available for sale and click on a "Price Button" to reveal an overlay window.
  • On the overlay window you get to choose your preferred license type (Read more on the licenses here)
  • You add the beats to cart then click on the "checkout" button or the "cart icon" located on the top of the website to go to the "carts page"
  • You must accept the beat licensing terms to reveal the payment buttons. (Read more on the licenses here)
  • Choose between Paypal and Paystack to make your purchase.
  • You will find your download link immediately after purchase.
  • You can also find all your purchased beats on your "My Purchases" page and your invoices / contracts on your "My Purchases Paperwork" page.