AmplifiHub Referral Program

How it works :

You get family / friends to sign up on using your unique referral link and you get paid 100% of whatever subscription plan fee they opt for.


Where can you find your unique referral link?

  • Login to your dashboard and go to your profile.
  • Locate the “other settings” tab.
  • You will find your referral link on this page.

Copy the link, share to your friends and start earning right away!


Where can you find and track people you referred?

  • Login to your dashboard and go to your profile
  • Locate the “your referrals” tab on this page

You will see a list of everyone you have referred to the platform via your link on the tab.


When and how do we pay?

  • We pay in less than 24hrs after the person you referred has subscribed to a plan. No stories!
  • We pay straight to your bank account.

Start referring today!