How To Create A Payment Offer To Start A Work For Hire Order

With the Work for hire feature, music producers in Africa can now offer almost any type of service on AmplifiHub. You can choose to be hired as a session musician, a custom beat maker, work on an album remotely etc. The possibilities are endless!

Follow the easy steps below to understand how it works.

  • Login and visit the "Seller Section" in the Work For Hire folder to see all your available gigs.
  • Click on View : On the order chat page as a seller, you will see a green colored "Create Offer" button.
  • Click on the button to fill in your offer details like, Amount and Description of work to be done.
  • When you send an offer, it appears on the Order Elements Drawer as "Waiting for payment" on your end(music producer) and "Pay" on the buyers end.
  • When the buyer makes payment it switches to "Paid" on your(music producer) end and "Active" on the buyer's end on the Order Elements Drawer. Now you can start working on the requested job.
  • When you are done, send your files to the buyer, if the buyer is pleased with the outcome. They can confirm the order by clicking on the "Done" button right next to "Active" on the Order Elements Drawer.
  • Once the order is confirmed, you get credited. Simple!

If you have any disputes, feel free to contact the support team to have it resolved.


Find Below, Buyers Chat Page

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